Tree Frog Pad: Dashboard Sticky Pads & Non Slip Dash Mat Solutions


No more fumbling for your digital accessories in the car, no more watching your GPS dock slide off its mount, no more seeing your smart phone slip out of place and no more seeing your digital devices slide all over the deck of your boat … with the all-in-one dashboard sticky pad… the Tree Frog Pad! The Tree Frog Pad is an extremely versatile jelly pad that can be used anywhere, anytime! The unique resin make-up provides incredible tacky, stickiness to the Tree Frog Pad that outlasts and outperforms other similar non slip dash mats.

If you’ve ever been frustrated in your car, truck, boat or other vehicle because your digital devices slip, swivel and slide out of place, check out this non slip dashboard sticky pad! Slap it on once to any surface and it securely stays until you pick it up and move it again! The Tree Frog Pad jelly pads won’t harm the surfaces or leave sticky residue on the products you secure in place. Even better, this non slip dash mat retains its full stickiness and adhesive stick after stick. You can even wash and clean the Tree Frog Pad without losing its incredible traction.

2"x4" Tree Frog Pad, Sticky Rubber Pads | 2” x 4” Adhesive Dash Mount & Car Dashboard Mat 4"x4" Tree Frog Pad, Sticky Dashboard Pad | 4” x 4” Adhesive Rubber Pad & Dash Sticky Pad 7" x 9" Tree Frog Pad Original, Sticky Pads for Car | 7” x 9” iPad Dash Mount or Truck Laptop Mount

Perfect for cell phones!

"Cell Phone Plus!"

"The Original"

Some of the top uses for the Tree Frog Pad:

  • On a boat, ship or other marine vehicle:
    • To secure digital devices in a safe, dry place during waves or bumpy waters
    • To hold depth finders solidly in place
    • GPS pads – Easy to install and remove without damaging the boat!
    • As a dashboard stick pad for an iPod or mp3 dock
    • Use to secure cups and beverages, especially during rocky waters
    • Stick anywhere and don’t let your sunglasses fly overboard
  • In cars, trucks, motorcycles or bikes:
    • On the dashboard to secure smart phone
    • As a non slip dash mat for sunglasses and other accessories during travel
    • As universal GPS pads
    • On the console for maps
    • On the dash, these jelly pads can secure loose papers
    • Secure a laptop or portable DVD player in place
    • Place on armrests and create additional cup holders or food storage
  • To secure the iPad… anywhere!
    • Protect the front of the iPad with this gentle non slip dash mat
    • Prop the iPad to any surface for convenient moving
    • Stick to airplane trays to play on the iPad with ease
    • Use the Tree Frog Pad to hoist the iPad as an additional computer monitor
    • Stick to any surface and make a great gaming monitor

    Wherever and however you choose to use the Tree Frog Pad, know that you can easily and quickly peel it off the surface. The surface will remain unharmed by jelly pad’s stickiness and the adhesive capacity won’t decrease! Whether you use the Tree Frog Pad as a non slip dash mat in the car, as GPS pads on the boat or as dashboard sticky pads for your iPad, the possibilities are endless for this affordable non slip dashboard mat solution. Cut it and use it to suit your individual need – let us know how the Tree Frog Pad has helped you stow your digital devices more securely and affordably! Visit Tree Frog Pad on Facebook and read other rave reviews of these jelly pads.